Alright crew! I will continue to post example projects each week as well as tips and tricks for making your weekly assignments easier and even more awesome!

  • Chris Palmer and Rob Bell
  • Press fit does not have to be boring! There are a number of ways to make a press fit beyond the typical perpendicular notch. Take a look at the below projects for inspiration on joinery techniques and press fit construction.

    Rob Bell and Chris Palmer's Zome Pavilion at burning man is an excellent example of non standard press fit construction!d
    Edge connections can be made with a perpendicular plywood clip
    Zome Pavilion Photos
  • Papero Paper Press Fit
  • On a smaller scale, Papero makes beautifully crafted paper press fit models easily fabricated on either the vinyl cutter of laser cutting.

    Papero motorcycle is too cool!
    Papero Website
  • Node Connection of Gregg Fleishman
  • Last but not least we have an example of a press fit node connection. Edge, Face, and Node are all viable options for press fit connections. Take a look at the Burning Man pavilion by Greg Fleishman.

    Node connection in plywood
    Final Pavilion assembly demonstrating node based press fit construction
    Greg Fleishman