Week Twelve – Networking and Communications

Hello Bus (flashing light)


Build a wired &/or wireless network with at least two nodes.


I still want to build a fab radio, but had too much going on this week.  I used NeilŐs hello bus, taking the boards from the class site.  Milling and stuffing went without a hitch and all three boards took code first try. 




The big news his week was that I finally got Arduino and the Fab ISP working on my macbook air.  After trying resetting parameter ram and a whole host of other options, it occurred to me that I didnŐt specifically installing FTDI drivers.  Sure enough.


The first node (0) worked perfectly, but the other two stayed on.  I tried running the makefile on each again (donŐt know why I thought that would make a difference).  I wondered if it was a cable issue, but I had checked the cable with a multimeter immediately after making it.


At exactly the moment I considered it that it might be the bus connector on the bridge, I inadvertently broke it off.  I had only soldered two of the pads: the vcc and gnd.



I added jumpers to replace tracks, but could not get the board to work at all.



So I remade the board.  Still no joy so I restarted Arduino.