Week Thirteen – Final Project Planning

Knockdown Warning Indicator


A device that interprets combined inputs of wind speed and vessel angle of heel in order to predict risk of knockdown in squalls of 30, 45 or 60 knots, comparing the data against a series of squall curves from the vessels pre-launch stability tests.





      Wind speed Indicator – DC motor with 3D printed anemometer.

      Angle of heel indicator -  step response with liquid in a molded shape (more of a c shape

      Controller board – interprets the above inputs against squall curves in the form of a matrix and determines risk.

      LCD display – displays the above inputs, and (wind speed and angle of heel) and the knockdown squall rating

      3 x LED display ( one for each squall range)

      housing for board, LCD and LED displays – lasercut press-fit acrylic.

      Bus network.


Nice to have:


      Hello.radio network betwen input devices and controller board – may use Xbee if this is problematic, otherwise bus

      Computer based user interface that allows tweaking of the interpreted data (sail plan, point of sail etc)

      Illustrative model


No additional materials required


Work will be completed over the next four days.