I had been looking forward to this week for a while, I had wanted to make a scale version of the fender from my car.

First I cut out a positive mold of both fenders (I ended up making one)


I had to use a razor to cut out the final fender and to make the edges perpendicular to the fender face. The result:

Next I went over to the IDC where I set about preparing my workstation amidst the chaos!

After laying out all of my things and doing a dry run to make sure I had everything ready, I mixed up my epoxy and got to work.

Stuffed it all into a vacuum bag made from an anti-static bag

This is what came out of the bag 12 hours later.

The raw linen impregnated with resin.

After a bunch of sanding

Painted it with gesso

sanded 1 more time

Painted with red glossy paint

Finally its DONE!!