As I don't feel very comfortable with programming yet, I decide to make Neil’s boards and learn by making what it already works, rather than making a new board. The first thing to do is mill the boards in the Modella:

I combine the three boards in one single copper board. I make a mistake with the exterior cutout of the temperature board and I have to repeat that one:

I now choose the components following the board design you can find here, and make the boards. I start with the phototransistor board:

Light measurement board components

Light measurement board

temperature measurement board components

temperature measurement board

step response (load) board components

step response (load) board

Now it is time to program the boards and measure the responses.

Programming the boards: I use the AVR programmer and download thecode and the make file from the class page

Light measurement programming

Temperature measurement programming

step response (load) programming


click on image to see video


Ignacio Peydro, November 2012.