This week assignment was to make the fabISP in-circuit programmer. In order to do it I followed the steps explained in the class webpage:


I started by assisting to the tutorial we had at the workshop (3-402). See videos:

1. Milling:

2. Soldering:

3. Stuffing:

Then I went to room 3-402 to do my work. I downloaded the traces file ( and created the *.rml file with the fab software but when I sent the job to the machine it didn’t respond. I encountered a problem when I tried to mill the board:

I e-mailed the group to look for assistance. After several tries, apparently the problem was that the port had been changed and needed to be reconfigured.
Once this was solved I milled the board:

Once the milling of the board is done I begin with the stuffing... time to solder!

And the result:

Finally I program the board following this instructions:

Once I make sure it has worked, I deburr the programmer and.... DONE!