I will try to programm the board I designed two weeks ago. After studying the microcontroler data sheet I realize of the first problem I would encounter during the process: I had not connected the buton with the ATTiny microcontroler, so I will not be able to control de LED with the button.

So it's time to design a new board!

I make sure everything is connected properly before milling:

I then start milling in the modela:

But when cutting the border, the modela decided to move the origin in the y axis... cutting in the middle of the traces!!

On the second attempt to mill the board the endmill does not work (so I have to change it):

Fillally I cut the boasrd and proceed to stuff it. The next problem is that we have ran out of buttons in Arch FabLab:

So I use a more rudimentary way of making a button. I try to pull appart the button in the previous board using the hot gun, but only the button melts, but the solder is not melted to the point that releases the button from the board. This is the board without the button:

Then it is time to program it: I write a simple code in C as a first attempt to proggram the board. IPD_LED_CODE.c

Then the next step is to program the board, but when I connect theboard to the computer with the ASP an orange blincking lite appear.

After a while I rotate the cable 180º and I luckily solve the problem:

Now I try to download the software to load the code into the board, but some other problem appears:

I finally get the 2009 version to work, but when I try to load the program into the board the next message appears:

I guive up!! (for today). :(

... to be continued.