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Jared Laucks is a trained maker, architect, designer and fabrication specialist. He is currently a Research Assistant in the Mediated Matter Group at the MIT Media Lab where he is interested in developing novel methods of digital fabrication for design research. Previously, Jared graduated from Philadelphia University with a Bachelor of Architecture degree, focused in digital technologies. As an extension of this research he launched j_laucks; initiated as a platform for experimental design and fabrication which has since grown into a multifaceted research agenda exploring avenues from architecture and design to computation, material systems, and fabrication. In parallel to working as an architect, he was appointed as an adjunct professor at Philadelphia University developing new advanced modeling curriculum. Jared has collaborated with a number of influential people including: Skylar Tibbits / SJET and Marc Fornes / THEVERYMANY. In 2007, Jared joined Skylar and Marc as the digital fabrication and material systems specialist to launch what would become a long run of prototypical structures via scripted processes. Jared has exhibited work in cities across the globe including Philadelphia, Berlin, Frankfurt, NYC, Valparaiso, Lyon, Paris, Miami, Sao Paulo, London and Munich.

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