How to Make (almost) Anything


Welcome to my How to Make (Almost) Anything Course website!

Hello, my name is Jin Joo Lee, and I am a 2nd year PhD student with Cynthia Breazeal in the Personal Robots Group at the MIT Media Lab. I have a bachelors in Electrical Engineering for Georgia Tech, which has given me some experience with making circuits with bread boards and programming FPGA using VHDL.  

I love robots. I love robot not only because I believe that they will be an important assistive technology to everyone in the future, but also robotics is what originally empowered me to become a “maker.” They were the first platforms that I was able to transform theory that I learned in class to make real tangible applications. Robotics is a very interdisciplinary field. And i’ve been very much stuck on the software end. By taking How To Make, I’m hoping it opens another gate of possibilities as a maker as well as enable me to become a more well-rounded roboticist.