14 | final project progress


what will it do?


who's done what beforehand?

what materials and components will be required?



what parts and systems will be made?

Control system,

- Circuit Board
- Solenoids
- serial control program

what processes will be used?

- 3d Modelling
- 3d Printing Molds, Casting Silicone
- PCB Board design, fabrication, programming

what has been done so far


what tasks need to be completed?

- mill board
- improve chromatphore mechanism
- improve control system. Solenoids are expensive.... how else?

what questions need to be answered?

What scale is most feasible/ interesting?
What air pressure is required?
How to make a good seal for incoming tubes?
What type of coloured liquid does not stain silicone?

what is the schedule?

Wednesday - Test prototype, determine pressure with arduino, Iterate chromataphore design/ Design board, print new molds
Thursday - Cast new silicone, produce pcb board, program
Friday-Monday - Trouble/shoot iterate

how will it be evaluated?

Does it work? Could technology be useful? Could it exist without an external air compressor?