4 | 3D scanning & printing


3D Scanning

Scanning the creamer.
Lasers. Very futuristic.

Sad results.


1. Image was blury, too far on macro setting.
2. Object too glossy.
3. Daylight from window may be causing problems.

Paint marker. Dries matte, allegedly washable.


Cardboard structure to prevent extra light.
Holes in top surface, since the scanner can't see this region. I was not able to fill them within software.

Exported stl missing half of this geometry so was unable to work further in rhino.

3D Printing

First Idea

To print a 3d tree generated with Rabbit in Grasshopper.

Rejected because branches would be too thin at this scale. (2"x 2")

Second Idea: Ring!

Key lesson, in Rhino, join all surfaces first, THEN mesh. If you mesh the faces first then when you try to join them you end up with a very unstable surface with too many naked edges to repair.

Wanted the ring face to have a tiger, so I used a grasshopper script to generate one from a picture.

Key lessons. Reduce the size of your image be 90%. You need very few pixels to make this work and the image sampler component crashes grasshopper very easily.


Face and ring meshes merged very easily. Suspicious.

Realized that the face geometry is probably too fine and reduced the number of pixels again.

Ring shape came out okay but face is not visible on the face.

At this scale a much more simple detail is nessesary.

Will repurpose tiger for something larger.