5 | Electronics Design

This week the task was to create a small board with at least 1button & 1 LED. I decided to get crazy and add two LEDs.




The star of the show is the microprocessor, the ATtiny44A





Circuit Designed in Eagle PCB Design Software

Pin Anatomy

Main Power Lines
1. VCC = Power
14. GND

Taken Up
2/3 Resonator
4. 10k Resistor

5. Switch (button)
6. LED1
10. LED2



Step 1 is to put all the pieces you need on the board and make all the connections.

Step2 is to lay out all the traces so they don't cross over. If you must, you can use a 0 ohm resistor to jump over a copper trace.

  Milling the board.
  Milling problems.....depth and outline offset issues. There should be only 1 line, white to black or black to white. It cuts on the outside of the white into the black.


I thought I finally got a good one, but many of the traces were actually connected where they shouldn't be where they were too close. The software did warn me about this. Next time I will pay better attention.

Since I was running out of time... I decided just to split these connections by removing a section of the copper with an exacto knife. I had to be really careful but it worked ok.




  Ready to solder.
  Make sure the LED goes in the right way.
  Final product looks good. Soldering is the surface mounted parts is getting easier!