Week Fourteen: Machines & Final Project Prep

beginning of the end?


Work on a machine group project. Develop a final project plan.


I help Sam make and test parts for the creepy crawly cutting machine (thanks for making me use kokopelli!). I starting working on my final project and talked to a few TA's about approach.


What will it do?

The dance-happy ballroom dance system will:

Who's done what beforehand?


What materials and components will be required?

Where will they come from?

I already have many of these parts and others are available in the lab.

I have "normal" fabric, sewing materials, and a small amount of conductive fabric. The boards require a reasonable quantity of basic electronic components available in 043. I believe there is some acrylic available still (?) to use for the lights.

I have one FTDI cable and will either purchase a second, or use one of the cables in 043. I may purchase additional conductive fabric and Neoprene so I have alternative pressure sensors. Neoprene samplers are available through Rocky Woods and conductive fabric through LessEMF.

How much will it cost?

Less than $50, plus parts from shop. Roughly $15 for FTDI, $25 for conductive fabric, $10 for Neoprene, though I probably won't need to buy all these things.


What parts and systems will be made?

What processes will be used?

What tasks need to be completed?

What questions need to be answered?

What is the schedule?

How will it be evaluated?