Software Interface


This week, I decided to create a software interface to test out my final project, which is a nerf dart shooter to prevent my dog from goint into places she's not suppose to.  The intention is to use a sonar sensor to detect when there's an object at a certain distance, and shoot a nerf dart.

The sensor I'm planning to use

Ultrasound Sensor

When the sensor detects an object at the proper distance, it will move the motor to shoot the nerf dart.  Instead of creating a custom board, I decided to breadboard the set up first to make sure the sensor has sufficient range.  I used an Arduino board for this since it is the same family as the ATTINY chip.


I decided to use the software, LabVIEW to create an interface.  It uses the VISA driver to communicate serially with the board.  The software has a user interface as well as a source code part.