I created the hello bridge board to communicate between the bridge and the nodes via serial.  I created two nodes and a bridge board.


The programming of the boards went smoothly.  I gave the bridge board a node ID of 0, and the other nodes a node ID of 1 and 2.  For some reason, I couldn't power the bridge board with the USB cable.  I used a breadboard and external power supply instead.  I also didn't have a cable with 2x2 connectors, so I used a breadboard to make the connections between Tx and Rx instead.


I used an Arduino board's serial port as my computer output.  I was able to get the LEDs on the bridge and node board to blink.  However, I coudldn't control the board with the desired nodeID to blink.  I did a loop  back test between teh Rx and Tx lines of the Arduino and found the following (even though I was only outputting the value 1).  I tried troubleshooting by writing the data as "0x01" and flushing the buffer with no luck still.

Code            SerialMonitor            

I didn't have enough time to troubleshoot it so will have to come back to it.