3D Scanning and Printing


My favorite all time childhood cartoon was about a robotic cat named Doraemon. It's a robotic cat sent from the future to befriend a kid who was bullied in school. He had a magic pouch where he could pull out crazy gimmicky technology, including something that can replicate yourself. So it seemed like a natural opportunity to try to replicate him on the 3D scanner.


I used the NextEngine 3D scanner to create a mesh model of a figurine. I initially started with 8 scans @ HD in hopes of getting a very detailed model of my figurine (see fine facial details). This caused the computer to have some trouble half way through and I had to re-scan using fewer scans. I ended up using 4 scans. The original scan wasn't able to get the eye, so I used the fill hole feature to do some "robotic surgery". The various scans below show my attempt to recover Doraemon. I finally decided to print out scan D.

Unfortunately the printed result did not yield the details that I was expecting from the software. While the general body looked right, it turned out more like a snowball with a body.

The scanned figure looks more like an evil twin of sorts. Even though I didn't get a perfect print out, it was a good experience to work with the mesh file using FreeCAD. I was able to work with smoothing and fill hole methods to try doctor up my figurine.


I found this tutorial online which was helpful in using the NextEngine software