Output Devices


I decided to create a DC motor controller board using a H-bridge chip


After milling and populating the board, I noticed that when I supplied 12V power to the board, I was measuring only 0V at the connector.  For some reason, the board was drawing the 12V to 0.  I learned that this was due to my use of a MOSFET instead of a 5V regulator chip.  After replacing that, I was able to see the appropriate voltages at the Vcc points of the board.  After that I was able to use Avrdude to program the fuses, but when I programmed the motor control code, I got an RC-1 error.  I was not able to find any shorts in the board.  I tried replacing the microcontroller but that didn't help either.  At one point, I accidentally plugged the power into the motor connector and it cause the board to draw the power supply connected to it to 0V again.  

At this point, I decided to use an off-the-shelf motor driver instead.

                                                              MotorArduino     PololuMotorDriver

After making all the connections as specified, I was able to write a simple PWM sketch on Arduino to contorl the motor: