Week 2: press fit construction kit

I made asymetrical rectangular units that fit together in multiple ways

I used Matt Keeter's Kokopelli software to draw the shapes I wanted. I hadn't used Python in a while, so it took some getting used to, but I really liked being able to specify in code what shapes to draw, and use variables. Here's what it looked like, and my .cad file , which can be opened with Kokopelli:

It took quite a few tries to figure out what tool diameter to set in the fab module to get the right hole. Here are all the rejects:

Once I got the fit right, I cut out lots of pieces:

I played with my new toys, and gave them to friends to play with:

There was one particularly annoying design flaw, which prevented us from making nice corners on boxes:

So I went back and fixed it:

Now they work pretty much as intened. You can fit them together in different ways, and make boxes with different types of corner configurations:

You can even make very long beams that are pretty stable by connecting the units at an offset.

This was a fun project -- I learned how to use kokopelli and the fab modules and the laser cutter, and now I have a construction kit to play with!