Week 3: in-circuit programmer

I fabricated the FabISP in-circuit programmer this week, with help from other students, especially Raj.

With the fab modules, I sent the traces to the Roland Modela milling machine, with a 1/64 drill bit:

I switched the drill bit to a 1/32 and loaded the interior into the fab modules, but forgot to click send, so the larger drill bit cut out a few interior paths ... oops:

On my next try, the stock was slightly unevenly placed:

So I recut, switching the depth from -.1mm to to -.2mm, and it cut through, so now I cut the border:

I collected the parts I needed:

And stuffed the board:

Next I programmed it, and it worked!

I unsoldered the jumpers, double checked that it was still working, made a cable, and then covered it with superglue for protection: