output devices
I want to include color changing leds for my final project, so I made the simple board with the rgb led on it. I milled board on the model with no issues.

I used the avr mk2 and the Arduino environment to program my board. I copied and pasted Neil's code into the Arduino IDE and ran it. It didn't change colors continuously as expected, and I realized the orientation of the led was incorrect:

After fixing the led, the code seemed to run fine.

I also tried to write my own program to control the board using the Arduino's SoftwareSerial library. In order to use SoftwareSerial, I soldered on a wire to an unused pin on the Attiny. I plugged the wire into an FTDI connector, and was able to change the led's colors.


Here is my code:
I am hoping to extend this for my final project to make boards with many rgb leds on them so they are bright and colorful, all controlled by a master board.