embedded programming
Most of my time this week was spent trying to get any environment to work at all. I have a Mac, and I tried both using home brew and crosspack and was not successful. Libusb was a major problem for me...I tried installing it many different ways, but I just couldn't get it to work right. I ended up using Arduino, which was much easier to get working, and I don't really mind it as a workflow. I used the instructions from high-low tech found here.

In trying to get my programming environment working, I realized that I made a couple mistakes in my board design. Luckily, I didn't have to redo the entire board. I was able to correct the problems by scratching off one of the traces with a knife and adding a couple 0 ohm resistors. I also had my led on backwards, which was easy to get off and fix using the heat gun.

I used the Blink example provided by Arduino and modified it so that my board would blink when the button was pressed.

I think I also had some problems with my FabISP, so I ended up using the blue Avrisp to program my board. The Arduino workflow with the Avrisp seemed pretty straightforward to me, so I'm planning to use that for the rest of the class.

Here's a video of my board blinking when the button is pressed! Yay!