2012 How to Make almost Anything

Week One | Final Project Idea

My inspiration for my final project comes from the synthesis of repition as found in the music box. The display of sound by way of the marks on the surface of the wheel is ripe for exploraation. I will attempt to produce the display of the music that results from these marks. My hope is to undestand the movement of sound as it moves from the past, into present and the expectactions for the future. With the simple music box the expectactions are carved into the device. I would try and seek an additional filter to the music box so that the expectactions are developed from the patterns that emerge and the input of the user, and less about the mechnical design.

Update 1

Update 2

I have been successful at creating the speaker the light the phototransistor and the motor. I have been able to program only the light at the moment. moving forward i need to learn how to control a motor with a poentiometer and how to PWM the light and phtotransistor accurately. I also need to relate that to speaker output. I have learned how difficult it is to create amplified and full bodied sound successfuly. I think my music box will remain chip tune for now. I also need to test brass as a capacitive sensor. I will be resolving these issues in the next week. I have two ways that i think my final project will go. Either the electronics are much more difficult than anticiapted and i only create a porpotype of the music box. one or two speakers that link together. Or the input and output devices become seamless integrated to a final music box that i have designed for 7 speakers and 7 inputs/outputs. To create the speaker enclosures I will 3d print the form, harden it and then use it to create several plaster casts. The wheel will be made out of thick stock paper but extremely light so that it does not strain the motor. the paper holes will be lasercut. The music box final design is 6.5" x 6.5" x 36". Them smal scale will still retain the same width and height but the length will be reduced to fit a single wheel and speaker.

Final Build