Amir Lazarovich

Project Moving Parts

This week was more special than all weeks that came before and that's because I had the chance to work together with my wife Michal.

There were so many cool options for this week's assignment using output devices such as, video!, sound and many more. I chose to focus on my hovercraft and create the software side that controls all the motors and servos.

Unfortunately I didn't play with other output devices, although I really wanted!. Nevertheless, I did got to use the board I designed last week and connected it to the two motors and one servo that is mounted on the hovercraft.

Although it wasn't this week's assignment, I played with the waterjet to cut aluminum to create heat sinks for the battery, electronic speed controllers and wires that tend to get hot. Hopefully this will make sure the foam-structure won't melt :)

Another neat tool I worked with this week was the sand bluster. That is just cool.

Arduino code

Output Devices