Amir Lazarovich

Project Virtual Remote Control

Virtual interfaces is what this week is all about but for me it was also embedded programming and circuit design since I had to finish the remote control I started last week.

I have experience with virtual interfaces so I decided to not focus on creating another interface but on connecting between the virtual and the physical. A topic that is close to my heart right now.

If last week I created a physical remote control, this week I made a virtual version of it. It is compiled of a couple of layers. The server side, which speaks serial with a micro controller and opens a socket to a web application while also running as a web server. The client side, written in html5, draws on a canvas the joysticks and sends events to the server through the same socket. The server parses those events and sends them through the serial port. The micro controller listens for incoming serial messages, parses them and either controls the motors in case it's the hovercraft circuit board or proxy them through RF, using the modified hello radio board, to another module that speaks serial with the hovercraft circuit.

Tip of the day

If you want to source voltage to the hello_radio board from a different place than the ftdi pins, you'll have to remove the on-board voltage regulator. If you leave it there, it will backfire and draw too much amps. Also, don't forget to source it with 3.3v.

Hovercraft Arduino code
Server & web interface

Virtual Interface