Week 13

Having spent the past few days travelling for Thanksgiving, I didn't have much time to get fancy this week, where the brief was to make an interface for an input and/or output device.

I created a quick processing script (first image above) that reads/writes to serial with my board from last week's networking assignment. You can either click on any of the three icons or use the keyboard keys.

The serial libraries are pretty straightforward and making quick simple gui's with user input from keyboard/mouse is a breeze in Processing and I'd highly recommend it to anyone.

I also spent a good bit of time trying to simplify some I2C software for the VCNL4000 proximity sensor. There's a lot of custom code in the example script and it'd be nice to integrate it into Firmata as things start rolling together.

I didn't get super far as I started having a lot of issues with corruption of characters and things being just straight-up unpredictable. Also, they've done a good job losing me with a lot of the snazzy bitwise operations and use of the wiring library.