Press-fit Kit

Week 2

This week's task: use the laser-cutter to slice out 2d shapes from cardboard that then slot, slide, and assemble into something 3-dimensional. It was a good way to kick the dust off my cad skills and trying to think in the hybrid 2d/3d definitely threw me for a loop.

I knew from the start I wanted to make something less modular and more goal-oriented, so why not a little model airplane? Some personal goals were making the thing feel super sturdy with some nice friction fits and also have the propeller move.

While in the end, the propeller is able to spin, it's way too loose and falls off easily. However, I did manage to figure out a nifty way to keep the main two planes locked tight by forcing the middle horizontal plane to slot into the back of the middle vertical plane and then crimp/slide towards the front until it snaps.