Week 5: Electronics Design

Using Eagle was my first experience with PCB design, and it was a great learning experience.

Tutorials that I found helpful:


Step 1: Schematic Design

It's helpful to do most of your "design" in schematic- checking capacitors, resistors, and power supplies.
Since elements are "isolated" graphically, it's easier to understand them and troubleshoot parts at a time.

Step 2: Board Design

Minimizing Board Layout and running Design checks for clearance is done in the "Board" view

Step 3: Export to PNG

Isolating the traces/footprints, and border for 1/64" and 1/32" Modela-ing

I exported with 2000 dpi, which did not result in a super large file, and avoided any issues of the design coming out "rough"

Step 4: Modela

My first perimeter cut was shifted off the XY zero by some small, but significant amount, and resulted in the board below, which has several traces cut through,
so I did an air pass on the next round prior to perimeter cut, and once assured it was correct, successfully cut it.

Step 5: Stuffing

Stuffing was very straightforward- i followed Neil's advice of working from the center out, and bottom up.
This made things much easier. I still need more practice at soldering, but this will improve with time.

Step 6: Programming

I did not have a chance to program it, but I will do that in the coming days.