Juliana Cherston

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Input Devices

This week, I explored the output portion of my muon device- a glove that can transmit feedback via vibration motors. I thought more broadly than my muon project however. I can envision this as a creative and useful platform for simple left/right directions for bikers in cities, a tool for learning instruments, or a way to enhance sense of touch by amplifying certain inputs. I owe more documentation for this week!
  • Project:Output Devices
  • Date: November, 2014
  • Skills: Driving loads, circuit debugging, programmable objects
Below are my board designs. These could definitely be improved. The motors I ordered asked for 3 volts, so I chose to use voltage dividers.
Here is an image of the shrink wrap I used to extend the wires of the vibrating motors, and a video of the final product in action!