How to Make (almost) Anything

03 3D Printing and Scanning

My idea was to create a model that have a repetive joint structure like human spinal cords, where the joints allow some freedom as well as constraint in motion. I created a link structure as below. They get linked to each other while printing, so no need for additional effort to assemble.

I used a Makerbot 5th generation (Setting: 20% fill, raft ON, support material ON, # of sheels 2, and layer height of 0.3mm).

Before this skeletal design, I had a simpler version where the each part is fully solid. But the problem was that the joint part (the tip of the pyramid) was not rigid enough and easily got broken. So I decided to go with this skeletal structure, which turns out to be more reliable.

After testing with 2 parts, I decided to go for 4.

Now working on 8!

For 3D scanning, I got a full scan of myself using the new Kinect and SDK from Microsoft. The back part of the 3D model was not completed, so I had to do some refinement to make it printable.

Here is the final 3D model.

...and printed!

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