Copying and creating library parts, packages, and symbols in Eagle.

The library editor is invoked by opening the library from the menu or control panel.

Device specification includes a symbol and a list of packages in which the device can appear.

Symbols and packages are defined independently, and are incorporated into the device description. Symbols and packages can be created or edited through the library editor in windows that resemble those for schematic and board creation.

To copy devices or packages from one library to another:

To remove a symbol, device or package type "remove <name>" from within the library editor.

Edited copy of the fab.lbr

Here is a copy of the fab library that can be edited by students and TA's: fab.lbr


Rob Hart 10/12/14: added LED, CAP-UNPOLARIZED, OPAMP.

Raphael Schaad 11/23/15: added MIC_MEMS_ANALOG_SPU0414HR5H.