How to Make (Almost) Anything

Project 01

Final Project

Idea 1
The Invisible Piano: How to do your 10000 hours of practice
Finger rings sensors allow to transmit surface contact information (pressure) to a midi interface connected to an iOS sampler or arduino synth. If it is an arduino synth, enveloppe and timbre depend on pressure and speed
Problem: How to map the shifting motion of the same finger from origin to another point of the surface without optical tracking? Other problem: the Imaginary Piano (CNUCE's Taraballa, quoted by Joseph Paradiso)

Idea 2
Not In My World: surround headphones helmet with non-contact gesture sensing control 6 speakers recreate a multi-directional spatial experience+ electric field sensing mode can laterally interrupt sound on demand,fast forward tracks or panning through the 6 speakers to emulate motion
Problem: what could be the least invasive way to wear sensors for hand control? electric field-sensing mode? unltrasound sonars? non contact optical tracking?