How to Make (Almost) Anything

Project 02

"Circling the Square" Vs. la Quadrature du Cercle.

Parameters: Press-fit joint, 2D->3D, Computer-controlled cutting, Modular
Tool: Legend 36EXT Lasercut
Material: Carboard 1.455-1.500" thick, 24"x36"

Design: Circling the Square, modular soft hack spatial device
Translation from 2D elements to 3D assembly system + Structural resistance by press-fit joints
Built around a 90 degree angle constant and a single variable -- its radius, or the surface area of the square it inscribes -- the circle is easily scalable, and can become modular in order to cut corners. Useful for reclining on the floor, or to hang vertically while nesting LEDs lights in its waffle structure. Also useless, a dissent to functional angular architectural statements. At the extreme, it can turn a room into a sphere.

Drawings Programs: Creating a volume in Rhino, Slicing the waffle structure in Grasshopper
Laser Cutting: with the following settings there was no need for second pass
Assembly: through the assembly phase, the structure became more solid but tighter and tighter as well, until the last pieces had to be forced in. Due to the tension, the prototype has a slight deviation. A looser fit (here 1.4") would have sufficed to provide rigidity to the geometry.