Hello World ! Echo Board

05. Electronics Design

After understanding the basics of producing a PCB (milling it and populating it), it was time now to learn ho to design it. The goal is to use schematics to draw the board, then to mill it and finally to stuff it. The board to design will be used later on to actually run our "smart" system. The basic design is as follows (thanks Pip for this picture)

Explanation of the different components of the board (Courtesy Pip)

If we quickly go through the different components:



  • Design of the board schematics
  • Add a switch and LED
  • Organize layout of the board
  • Mill the board
  • Test the board
  • Program a on-board program

Tools used

  • LTSpice
  • Roland Mill
  • Iron
  • Fab Module
  • Arduino

To do

  • Simulate the board in Spice
  • Remove the jumper from teh ISP board
  • Send the Arduino program to the board and blink the LED