Cocktail Machine

12. Machine Design

This is the summary from the Stand team (Sam, David, Jake, Calvin, Pierre) for the Architecture shop.

We first started by some drawing and some initial sketching

We finalized the mechanism to make sure it would work. Originally, what we had (this page was used in the process to communicate with the other teams.

Here is a kinematics diagram showing the different parts

Most of the structure would be made out of plywood to be able to hold the glass or bottles but to be still moveable by the motors. The thickness of plywood:

Here are the specs of a Solo cup (x2 in the design) and of the bottle (x8 in the design) we are using

Based on that, we could suggest a first solid Rhino design for the other teams:

The file was then ready to lay down and print for a first test with masonite to see how it would come up together. I was personally, after the design with Calvin, Sam and David of laser cutting the first model in masonite:

The next step was the assembly:

This first step allowed us to see what were the default. For example, in the design I forgot to put some holes on the top to assemble the higher part:


We could thus iterate with thicker material such as plywood to have a stronger rack.


Finally, the rack was strong enough to hold the bottles but we had to change the trasnlating plate material into masonite because it was too heavy for the motors. At the end the project, after some changes and modifications worked very well: