3D Modeling, Printing & Scanning

A tire swing for your ears.

While my lady on a tire swing looked great on the screen, my printing process went poorly. Modeling a person, I found out, is extremely difficult. Therefore, I reverted to google warehose to find a female model 'sitting'. I finallly found one slightly depressed looking girl, and found that I would be able to fit the model onto a tire swing so it would look like she was holding the chain. It took me a while to get it into the right position...

Multiple failed attempts occured due to the speed of the printer, a blockage in the pipe, and poor structure for the model. When I finally fixed all of these I realized the chain was too detailed for the printer to recognize at such a small size.

As you can see, my print was a failure. I tried slowing down the speed, adding structural supports, but to no avail.

However, I gave it a few more tries and came up with something a bit better. That said, it still didn't work. I would have to completely redo the tire and chain to make it work. Since time was running short on this one, I redrew the tire as a torus in sketchup and modified the chain to be a prism, but will give htis one more try later tonight.

Scanning was less problematic with the 123D app. I was able to fully scan my bike helmet in one go with the application.