s Bike Light

Bike Light

The ambitiion for the final was to makea bike light. This is a two part bike light that uses magnet fasteners to make it easily removeable and at the same time secure on the bike. Lastly the two parts means I could eventually make an array of LED "heads" or characters, which is exciting to me.

Molding and casting using 3d Printed molds that allow find degrees of perceisions and wonderous undercuts. Getting this right required prefilling the molds as best possible with some of the silicon content in order to not get heald up by the low viscosity and small chamber for filling that made it hard to continuous apply the smooth on to. Casting without the magnets in the mold meant trying to fit them into the punctures i designed in the modl but this didn't work, and it was eventually traded for hot gluing the magnets into the mold and casting around them. Removing from the molds was relatively easy but left a lot of excess aroudn the seams that had to be removed.

The LED is broken into two PCB's that are jumped such that the button and the LED's are one a board that faces the street for lighting and easy acces, whereas the other board can be tucked away in the depths of the housing. .