A Proposal

I'm currently navigating an array of different possibilities for the final projec that can begin to integrate the different skills we will be accumulating in the class.

One of these is a bike light - yes. Finding ways to make this both powerful and compact, interchangable between different housings, and networked with mobile devices for the purpose of tracking aspects of the ride but also controlling the nature of the LED flickering.

I am interested in some models that have a silcone housing that the core of the elecontronics can then be freed from - the silicone is also super interesting as a cast element that has some translucency and flexibility - greate for longevity and many other "ities" i'm sure.

I could then cast various housings. The formal direction i'm taking with this is looking at simple shapes like lines, crosses, circles, really primitive things, and making them three dimensional and abusing TSplines to make them really fluid, especially given that they transition from being a circle that wraps around the seat post of the bike in one plane, to projecting their shapeliness in a perpendicular plane.