Big Stuff

This week was frought with indecision. Instead of pushing a mterial and process to extremes I sought something more practical - something domestic! Navigating between formal iterations for tables, chairs, shelves, stools, I found the problem I wished to adress: Using orientation of my final project in order to give it different uses. THe result is an extruded Y figure that, oriented vertically serves as a bar stool, standing on the floor acts as a bench, and stacked on itself can act as a storage device.

Again this was slowed with deliberation. What could assymetriy give me? What are its funny antrhoporphic sectional figures? What will be structural enough without being excessively heavy? How will it come together?

Prototypes were helpful with the lasercutter. Deciding on the form lead ot designing the connections and details. Lots of teeth. This also had to account for the weight of the overall design and so finding ways to remove material and still retaining the flat and reliable character of the surfaces by milling through with patterns.