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Computer Controlled Cutting

For this assignment, to model and laser cut a press fit construction kit I decided to start with making some polyhedron like a dodecahedron and icosahedron. I chose to do a simple geometry over an object because I wanted to focus on creating a grasshopper script that can parametrically generate the kit for different geometry.
for the first iteration I am just making a clean fit without an extra support. If I get to it I will iterate with the clip at the end but it would just be a simple modifciation.


After creating the geometries, I laid them about on 36"x24" sheets to cut them out. The laser cutters at this school can be printed directly from Rhino with color mapping of layers. This means you can adjust cut settings per layer by editting the settings for each color.


Here are some pieces of the geometry as I start and move through the assembly process:






Geometries turned out alright and the hold is surprisingly stiff for not having the extra clipping I assumed I would need. I think this is due to the angles on the edges that catch just enough to not slide in or out. The thickness of the cardboard is surprisingly good at holding press fit pieces in places which I honestly wouldn't have thought without doing this exercise.


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