Maxwell Jarosz

Computer Controlled Machining

This assignment is bigness, I am going to go function over an elaborate design this week. I need a coffee table for my living room so I will make a press fit one this week. This requires drawing and setting a cad file that I can then masterCAM to run the job on the onsrud.


The geometry is pretty simple and the masterCAM is just a matter of creating a series of Contour tool paths. The important thing for this is to pay attention to the compensation offset because that will determine the snugess of the fit. If you are not careful you will be 1/2 of the endmill size to loose. It is a good idea to use the 3/8" Compression endmill for low quality plywood. The difference is that it has two shoots that cut in opposite directions creating a clean edge on both sides of the cut instead of just one as most other endmills do. It can also run extremely fast and in one pass compared to some of the other smaller endmills.

Two keys: Pay attention to compensation and use Compression endmill.

I have set and sent the file and it is now milling. The milling time provided in masterCAM is about 1/3rd of the real time in most jobs. However, this job is still super quick.


A quick fix test in the shop (top) and the finished product (and a book) in my living room, much needed and pretty study.


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