Maxwell Jarosz

Embedded Programming

This assignment is to program a board. We can use the ones from last week which I will do but I also want to try to make and program a fabduino board potentially to use in the final project. Next is the process of making the board and stuffing it, see the process here:




Here is the finished fabduino. Now it is time to program which consists of plugging it into a FTDI header and ISP to begin to program it. I have used arduino before but I will try using C in terminal to develop my skillset in another language/process.

Hard to see but I forgot to take a nicer picture, in the background you can see the Fabduino connected to the ISP. With a few simple lines you can run it.

sudo make -f hello.arduino.328p.blink.make program-avrisp2-fuses
sudo make -f hello.arduino.328p.blink.make program-avrisp2

The arduino blinked and programming is done.



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