For the final project, I want to build a smart wifi outlet.

What I mean by that is I basically want to design an adapter like thing that basically plugs into your device on one side and into an outlet on the other side. I would like to allow you to basically through your phone or through a web dashbaord control whether the device can be turned on. This is useful for cases such as making sure the iron is not left on and also for making sure we do not waste electricity. The following picture on the right is taken from another website. Because this is the first week, I tried fooling around with many of the tools, but this is the best one I found. I ended up using this thing called antimony. I am still working on learning how to understand 3dimensions and so these are some sketches that I made. They did not come out so well.

I found it easier at least for now to use 2d shapes and use operations and then extrude. The following operations are listed below.