For this part of the remote plan, I am starting to use the ir sensor. I found this ir sensor online. We seemed to have an ir sensor in the inventory, but I could not find it in the arch shop and it didn't seem like a prioerity.
The first thing I did was design a new board. Seeing how a lot of parts aren't diy and I was familiar with attiny, I took the helloworld and removed the led and buttong, and put in a 2 *3 junciton, where I could attach a header and easily have wires going to other bread boards. Three of the pins map to ground, and three of them map to what they are supposed to be.
I then used the 2 * 3 connector piece. It didn't really work as well as I thought it would. I had to sodder the ends of the wire to get them to stick to the breadboard as seen in the following phto.
I used the following code. As you can see here, when the tv remote is pressed, then the ir sensor gets something over the serial input. This means that the ir sensor is working. I slightly modified it to get the pins mapping. Also, I used the software serial to communicate instead of regular serial. This is the base code found on the adafruit website
I got results when my tv remote was shined, so hurrah it worked.