I was originally trying to do a remote plan. However, the problem with that is I couldn't get it working. Instead I basically just made a new couple of leds and made is so that you can communicate my just typing in the terminal one or two.. I attached it the board from the output devices. I used leds instead of my ir leds because you can't really see those for the video. So here is the eagle files for the led extension board and a picture of it. This is a simple board as I am using the micocontroller from the week before. Instead of using jumpers, I used larger wires and soderred them on by the 2*3 cable because it was too hard to use the jumper cables as the wires are too small.
Now, let us write the code. We basically use serial to communicate. I use raw input to allow the user to type into the pyton script.
Finally, the video of everything working.