For this week, I decided to make a trophy. Merav and Austin were extremely helpful. Using the roland mill was a complete waste of time as it took forever waiting in line and malfunctioned all the time. I highly recommended that the roland mill is not suggested to ues next year. I eventually decided to use the shopbut to make the intial mold. Here are the initial pictures of my design files.
Antimony file for Trophy
Here is the picture of the initial mold.
After that, I had to make the silicon mixture. I used the oovoo 25. The ta told us all these tips such as pouring slowly and having a 50-50 mix and I didn't really follow that, but it turned out ok. I think also it is better to be safe and make extra material as it is extremely annoying to have to mix more stuff.
Finally, I made the actual product. I used hydrostone. I used clamps to put the pieces together. A good tipe was to not apply the clamps directly to the pieces but use the wood to put pressure to it. The final product came out pretty good.