For the next thee segments, I wanted to build a tv remote. In this segment, I will use a IR led that will be able to turned on and off. In the input sensor part, I will measure the ir waves that come up a standard remote. In the programming and application development phase, I will put all those parts together. I initially wanted to do this as a final project after seeing a nextflix advertisement but decided not too after seeing how this was not difficult. Because the board we just made had a output device, I decided an easy solution was just to swap out the LED I was using with an IR Led. One problem as seen in the diagram a below is that the IR LED inventory was not smd. I initially tried to soder it down, but then decided to place it on a breadboard and then soder the breadboard down. I used the same attiny board that has been pictured multiple times but just subbed out the led with two connections to my device. This was the led I could find the archsop. I realized that there was a smd ir led in the inventory, but i could never find one. Once again, I used the same board as last time.
One problem was that happened was is that I couldn't see the led lighten up and I spent many hours trying to debug. I soon realized what my problem was. The IR Led was using ir waves and thus I would not be able to see it. I tried a camera solution, but the problem with that is the new iphones have ir filters, so I wouldn't be able to see that. Instead, I knew next week that I would be using an ir sensor, so I figured might as well just wait until then and verify that it worked.