After having a nice 1-hour introduction by a classmate, I had a clearly milled board to begin with. I've started soldering with the microcontroller and it turned out to be my only best.

The following day, I've tried to solder the resistors. Probably because I used more solder than I need, they became less shiny. Vacuum guns didn't help that much in this case. Diodes and crystals were a little easier but I've tried at least three times to place the parts smoothly. And again each time, they became less shinier.

Finally, after assembling the capacitors and connector, I began soldering the miniUSB. It turned out to be my worst performance, as I couldn't manage to distribute the solder evenly to the feet. Somehow I utilized vacuum gun to take out the excess. I couldn't used copper braid efficiently as I forgot to provide small portion of solder on the iron. After completing soldering I've programmed my board without difficulties. In the end, I removed the jumpers.