I started sketching things in Antimony. Then, inspired by the crappy model, I started to model the Cenotaph for Newton designed by the French architect Étienne-Louis Boullée in 1784

The constituent primitives of the original design is easy therefore, basic geometries and difference operators in Antimony were enough to represent it. I used a rectangular prism to take sections of the model. As I was more inspired by the section rather that overall mass of the building, I decided to keep it that way.

I thought that I could include some parts which may yield the final design more dynamic. Therefore, I added an inner half-sphere which may rotate on vertical axis. I attached teeth on its top and bottom and assembled larger cylinders on the teeth to prevent parts from dropping off.

After deciding on an appropriate scale, I exported as a stl file and checked the 3d model in blender. There were stair-like structures on the curves, and it made me little unhappy, I've tried exporting with a higher voxel density but it was hard to find a balance between a reasonable file size and a slightly better look.

I've sent the model to the abs printer on Sunday, and get the model by Tuesday afternoon. I was not there when the model came out from the printer with the support material. Jennifer put the model on the lye tank to dissolve the support material and I rinsed the model from sodium hydroxide

As soon as I let the model to dry on a paper towel, I figured out that the larger cylinder that I had placed on the top teeth was also printed on the outer sphere. Even though I used a razor to get rid of the material in between, when I tried to turned the inner sphere by grabbing the teeth on the bottom, it broke.

Instead of using solder iron to get rid of the parts, I smoothed them with razor and used a superglue to attach the teeth on the inner sphere again. In the end, it was working:

Meanwhile, I was trying to scan an eggplant. It turned out to be pretty bad, probably due to lack of discernible colors and intensities on the object.

Then, I found something from kitchen which is brighter, it turned out ok: