Week 11: Machines That Make

For the Machines The Make project, my group made a drink mixing machine. I helped with some of the hardware components for the project. First, I made the power supply. This consisted of finding a power supply for a computer and cutting off the connector to put on a new connector that would interface with the gestalt system. I put a female header pin connector on one end of a piece of ribbon cable to connect to the gestalt power adapter board. I soldered the other end of the ribbon cable to the computer power supply so that we could source power from the wall outlet. Later on in the project, I was on the rotation team. We were in charge of the circular motion for the piece of wood that was used to push different beverages up. This involved figuring out which motor to use and how to interface that motor with the rest of the machine. We decided to use a stepper motor because we wanted to be able to rotate between the steps of the different beverages. We attached this stepper motor to another gestalt node so that it could be programmed withthe other motors in the system.