Week 9: Input Devices

This week, the assignment was to implement an input device. I worked off of my circuit that I'm making for my glow staff and implemented the button. First I made a new schematic that includes a hardware button debounce. The hardware debounce uses a capacitor to stabilize the voltage of the pin. This acts as a low-pass filter and filters out any quick changes of voltage that happen when the mechanical button bounces as it's pressed. The debounce circuit also includes a diode and some resistors to control current flow in both the open and closed states of the switch. Finally, an inverting schmitt trigger connects that signal to the pin. Once I'd updated my schematic, I routed a new board in Eagle. Here are the pictures of my traces that I cut out on the vinyl cutter. I used a second layer to make the RGB LED connections, because it made the layout simpler and less cluttered.